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Originally Posted by Girlieschmoo View Post
See, this is exactly what I thought too! I am not on BP meds so that's not an issue.

When you say you feel like you're getting the extra potassium, what does that look like? I have the ubiquitous leg cramp issues many LCers deal with and have finally settled on potassium being the issue for me (magnesium and sodium levels are fine). I wish I could eat an avocado everyday to take care of it but it's just not happening...get in an avocado about 2x/week.

But I can take ACV daily, no problem. Just curious if a) you had leg cramp issues too, and b) did ACV help?
I did have leg cramps before! Moreso when I actually drank alcohol still (which I assume was because it dehydrates you and I was constantly running to the bathroom, which depletes your electrolytes) but I was still getting them up until recently too... just less severe thankfully. I drink the ACV tonics 3x a day every day (4x a day during TOM) and I haven't had leg cramps lately at all! I also don't get TOM cramps anymore either, and retain far less water now too. 1 pound this month, versus 4 the month prior to starting my potassium supplementation. I also take 99mg in the morning with my multi, and an extra 99mg at night during TOM too

I really do think the ACV helps! I've read somewhere that it helps with inflammation too, and I'd believe it because the joint pain I used to have all the time has all but ceased too... all I take is a multi, magnesium, and potassium right now
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