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I too hope it will free you of how you are feeling!

I really understand your issue with Low Carb. I was incredibly successful the first time I did it (at 13! and then again about 12 years ago). However, I let it slide and I gained. I then tried re-starting it lots of times - sometimes losing 20lbs - but never more (though if I'm honest, it's because I allowed things to slip due to frustration of not losing more) - I've been successful with Paul McKenna's 'I Can Make You Thin' - but then I stopped paying attention to my body. I always thought 'oh well, I suppose I'll have to go back to Low Carb' - but then I would get sad, because I like eating carbs - and DH cooks with them all the time and used to get quite annoyed at my eating habits.

Anyway, I read about JUDDD over a year ago - and I'll be honest, I laughed - out loud - for various reasons, the main two being 1) I 'know' calorie counting doesn't work - I've tried it and all I got was grouchy!! and 2) If I was such a grouch on 1200-1500 cals a day - there was no way I could ever survive on 500 cals or less for a day - I'm a big girl, I need more than that just to get out of bed - blah, blah, blah

Anyway, last October, as I was creeping back up to my heaviest weight ever (too many leaving parties!) my Mum, Kissa - started JUDDDing after years of Low Carb. Kissa was practically at maintenance - but still she dropped weight. Her doing it made me review it - I questioned the 500 cals - she said 'no problem', and even managed heavy aerobic exercise on DDs.

So, on the 22nd of November last year I took the plunge. And you know, it isn't difficult!!!!! I love both UD and DD for different reasons. I hope that you find that the DD don't cause you too many problems - I thought they would - and yes, sometimes I'm hungry - really hungry!!! But you know what - a drink will calm those hunger pangs for a while - and then another if I need it (I'm not talking alcoholic here ). I'm not going to die from feeling a little hungry - and the rewards on the UD far outweigh the occasional discomfort on a DD.

My biggest recommendation to you - is to have some great DD staples that you can go to easily. If you know that you can bring your DD dinner in at less than 150 cals - you know you can eat 350 throughout the rest of the day - you may not use all those calories - you might. You may even need another 100-150 cals. You should still be in WLM - and sometimes it happens that you need more cals - or you get invited out on a DD. That too is possible, with planning!!!

Good luck - you can do it!
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