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I'm thinking of doing JUDDD

Hi, my name is Paula and I have been a long time low carb failure. . Years ago, I lost 40lbs on low carb without dropping a pant size, stalling out, becoming frustrated and gave up. (How in the world can you go from 200lbs to 160lbs and NOT lose a size? My jeans bagged in the butt and legs but the next size down was too tight for my belly!)

Over the years, I have tried, re-tried (and re-re-re ad infinitum) tried low carb with the same result: I lose 10lbs fairly quickly and then stick at the same weight for weeks or even months.

This New Year Day, I once again started low carb and as of this morning, I have not lost an ounce since the initial 9lb loss. For a month and a half, I have abstained from the doughnuts, cookies, pizza, pasta and other delectables my family and friends indulged in to no avail. I don't mind denying myself those things as long as I am seeing results, but to do exactly as I should without results is a painful kick in the guts. In fact, I have named my morning weigh in ritual the 'Daily Disappointment'.

My response to today's Daily Disappointment was a nose dive into high carb hell. I've eaten everything I have denied myself - even though I hadn't really missed it all this time - and tucked a $10 bill into my son's hand with the instruction to bring home a dozen glazed doughnuts after work. If my husband hadn't taken the ones we already had to work with him, I have no doubts that I would have devoured each and every one in the box.

So, here I sit. Disgusted. Sick at heart, sick to my stomach and eagerly awaiting the moment when I can inflict yet more damage to my body and pysche.

I'm at a loss because I'm not at a loss. I'm spinning my wheels as fast as I can go but going no where. I'm <insert pathetic self pitying cliche of choice here>, with the one small hope that maybe, just maybe JUDDD will be my saving grace.

Has anyone else been in my boat and was JUDDD the lifesaver?

Thanks for reading my ramblings. I feel a bit better (and a bit chagrinned) for putting myself out there for all to see.

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