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Originally Posted by scorpgc View Post
Hi Motts:

I posted it last year (w/out pics) and will do so again in a new thread? I have question though, I picked up some dried lemon grass stalks at the grocery. I wonder how many of them I can use in the Thai Beef Curry dish? I think your addition of lime would be great, too! Can't wait to try this, my mouth is watering! : )

When you say dried... you mean fresh stalks? I use the fresh stalks. You peel off an outer leaf or so and use only the paler, portion (maybe the bottom 3 -4 inches) of the stalk. Throw the rest away. I cut my lemongrass "bulb" into approx 1 inch segments & for Linda's recipe...I wound up using about 4 or 5 "segments". I guess you will need maybe 2- 3 at the most stalks of lemongrass to wind up with 4 or 5 "pieces". Hope that makes sense. I don't eat it after it is cooked (suppose you could if it was cut up really small). I give each piece a good whack to slightly bruise it to release the yummy fragrant oils! After the recipe is finished, I remove all the stalks, leaves etc. If you buy the Kaffie Lime leafs...tear each leaf a bit to release the oils also.

When I make Tom Ka Gi soup (chicken with coconut milk) I use the galanga, lime, lemongrass etc in that as well. If you like lemongrass to cook several clusters and freeze the unused (cut up) portion so you have it on hand.
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