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Linda Sue's Thai-style Beef Curry!

SO YUMMY! Thanks for another great recipe. I don't think I have ever been let down when making one of your recipes.

That being said..... it was almost too hot for me (probably used half the jar of red curry paste) and I love hot food! Next time I will use less curry paste.
So I decided to add a few more flavors to the sauce so my tastebuds could detect more than just a "hot" taste. This is what I added :

approx 1 Tbsp lime juice
5 pieces of fresh lemon grass (each segment approx 1 inch in length, bruised lightly to release the oil)
a few Kaffir lime leafs (torn to release oil)
2 drops liquid splenda

These additional ingredients made the sauce taste almost identical to the Ka Gai soup in the Thai restaurants!

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