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I had very similar issues in the beginning. I had quite a few episodes where I thought I had food poisoning (I was having problems with it coming out of both ends! Sorry, TMI). But it was happening way too often to be bad food. I probably dealt with it 5 or 6 times the first month or so. I think it was the fluctuations in what I was eating- from really low DD's or fasting DD's to very, very high UD's. I suspect I have some food intolerance issues, but I will tell you when I pushed my DD's up (from 0-300 range to 500-700 range) and kept my UDs in my 20% range with wholesome food choices, I felt 100% better. For me it was 2 things I think- the swing between the two days and the types of food I was eating (high high fat following a very low, plain DD) between the two days.
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