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Originally Posted by beachmom3 View Post
Welcome rosehip and louvene! Glad you are joining us

I'm addicted to weighing daily too. I've tried doing a weekly weigh in, but I get too

Today I'm doing my Zumba DVD. Hopefully I'll get through a little more of it! It's fun, but definitely a work out.

Hope you all have a great day!
I did the daily weigh thing for awhile too but it makes me nuts! I get too focused on that dang thing not moving that I throw in the towel altogether! I am trying a more "this is for my health" approach this time. Now don't get me wrong I also want to lose weight but have to psych myself into its not a diet just a change. I get super focused and then see little to no results and fill my face with something! I still need goals and accountability but I am trying to not get to fanatical!

I have a Zumba wii game.......never tried it yet
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