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Welcome to the club Grandma Jo and Grandma G! The support is growing! Grandma Jo because of the time difference of where I live I think I am technically logging my weight in on a Saturday in US time too.

Lotus: Had a great time at the movies thanks! I am a teacher in an international school in Hong Kong. It's brilliant! I also tried on shoes EXACTLY as you described yesterday, didn't buy them as the queue was too long and I was in a rush but may go back and get them today.

Sooo...I weighed in this morning and....I AM DOWN 9LBS!!! In one week!!! So chuffed, especially after the cheats! Obviously a lot of it is water weight but I still feel good!

My goals for this week are:
  • To lose 1-2lbs (going to keep it realistic)
  • To add in at least three sessions of gym time
  • I will also aim to stay away from the junk and drink lots of water!!!

Good luck to you all, looking forward to hearing how you got on this week.xx
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