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I hope that the sunshine persists tonight as I have more planting up to do in the garden tonight (tho' I might need DH to help more than he usually does). (Sorry about above post, the connection died and the edit window timed out.)

B: Coffee with 1tbsp MCT oil (126kcals) and 1tsp sunflower lecithin (32kcals). Subtotal = 158kcals

L: Broccoli soup (140kcals) with seed and seaweed crackers (180kcals). Subtotal = 320kcals

D: Chicken (200kcals) with baked butternut squash and roasted vegetables (250kcals for veg). Subtotal = 450kcals

Running total = 978kcals. So, I need to take some potato starch (4tbsp = 160kcals) which leaves me 350kcals or so for some cocoa-covered almonds after dinner or a sliver of cheese, if nothing else happens.
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