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Originally Posted by Bejewelme View Post
Fish- you look incredible!! WOW so much younger!!!!

Deb- there is a scar that pic here was 3 days later I am 5 months out now, it is still there but it is fading really nicely, insurance doesn't pay but for me that $6,000 was worth it, there is no getting rid of the skin, same with my stomach and deflated air bag boobs, so either I live with it or cough up the money and somehow I am going to, my stomach bugs me the most. I smoked and tanned, and that is all bad for skin issues and I was always fat, so I carried a person on me for many years! If you go to my journal back to April you can see all the pics,

Bejwelme's journal to skinny bride, they are all there, I am happy with them, I am wearing sleeveless shirts all winter, I am not giving them up, LOL
WOW! IDK if i would ever have the money but i would say that is the ONE surgery i would consider is getting my arms done oh and ya know side boobage?/ well i don't have any anymopre BUT there is some loose skin there too SIGH but i will never have the money and yeah the deflated ballons but i guess i would just live with them
LOL i have carried a couple of people since about age 16 i am 43 but i think there is just one more i gotta get rid of
you've gone where I will someday follow, But for now you are out of sight, Your years with me were just time borrowed, Before you returned to Heaven's light.
One day I'll see your pawprints glowing,Sparkling in the morning dew,Guiding me at my time of going, Leading me sunwards, back to you.
from a poem by S.L. Smith
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