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Hi girls, TX asked me to post here, so here it is!
In 2005 I was going to get my tubes tied, I went to the pre-op and they said you are too heavy for our scale you need to go down to the loading dock to be weighed, I said um NO, and ran out and never did have surgery, so I was over 350 pounds, not sure how much over. So friends of ours had started Atkins, and told us about it, me and my ex husband started and lost 70 pounds each in about 5 months, went on a trip to Mexico, gained 17 in one week and then for 5 years I would start and restart never really sticking to it, got up to 325, and as low as 289. So last year on my son's B-day 9/27/10 I said I am going to do this no matter what, my current fiancee and I were talking about getting married, and I knew I couldnt ruin another marriage being so fat and miserable with myself, and he is skinny, people probably thought I was eating his food! I have never been thin, around age 9 I got my period and started gaining a lot of weight, I have not weighed less than 200 pounds since I was 13, and right now I am 1 pound away, and I just turned 43! I started and lost weight but refused to exercise,finally in Jan I said OK I will join the gym, well I ended up loving it and have become a gym rat!!! I also ran my first race, I could never run! I have a tough mudder 5K with obstacle in November that I am looking forward to! I get married 10/9, so it is coming up, never did I think I would lose 104 so far in less than a year! My advice is it works, if you follow it and listen to your body and what works and what doesnt! And exercise if you are not, 1 pound of fat is like 3 fists, 1 pound of muscle is 1 fist, so you will look better! I have not lost a lot of pounds in the last 3 months but I am wearing clothes that are so much smaller! I had a lot of arm skin, I will show you, I had my arms done in April, I lost 35 pounds since then and really started working out hard after I healed to get them in shape. I plan to have about 25 pounds of stomach skin removed next Spring if I can scrape up the money!!!!!
If I can do this anyone can! I never ever thought I would do it, get a journal, talk to people, find a support and you can do it!!!!

Here I am in 2005 at my worst

This was 2002 a year or two after my son was born, my stomach is laying on the counter, ughghg

THis was close to last year when I started at 305

Dec 2010

Jan 2011

So that was 40 pounds and no gym, the rest are once I joined the gym and I go about 6 times a week plus running
Late Jan 2011



April pre surgery

after bandages removed, I lost 3 inches of hanging skin

May 2011

June 2011

July 2011


Push ups, LOL

My wedding gown I will be wearing

My 43rd last weekend

And that is that, I am 3 pounds form my doc's goal I am 5'10 but I want to try to get 180-175 if I can before surgery!

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