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If you ever do find a LC chewy brownie recipe like you describe, please post here! I love chewy brownies and this is the holy grail of LC bakers!

However, I donít think the chewy texture we are looking for can be replicated without wheat flour because of the gluten. The two proteins in wheat flour ó glutenin and gliadin ó grip water, and make "springy stretchy, strong elastic sheets of gluten.Ē (see Shirley Corriherís Bakewise or one of Peter Reinhartís bread books for a more detailed, scientific explanation). Think of a bagel or sourdough bread with its crispy, chewy crust Ė itís the gluten that creates the strong bonds or chewiness.

I miss that chewy texture! While I have made some decent LC breads, they are more spongy than chewy. Iíve settled for that because I value my health. But Iím still searching for the elusive chewy LC breads and treats.

If you find a truly chewy LC brownie you will be a hero!
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