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Give it time. After losing 48 lbs, your rate of loss will be much slower than people coming into induction from scratch, plus of course weight fluctuates on a daily basis, so one weigh-in does not a trend make! Wait and see what happens in a week's time - if you continue to gain, or remain the same, then perhaps post a daily menu so we can see if there's something you need to tweak

I'm 50 something lbs down (since August), and I'm losing a steady 2 lbs a week at the moment - but I expect that rate to slow down the closer to goal (17 lbs away!) I get. If I were to start working out I'd expect to see a small gain, because exercise can do that - but it's a good gain, because I would assume I was gaining muscle (which weighs more than fat).

So, wait and see what next week's weigh-in brings (don't be tempted to weigh more than once a week, that way madness lies!), and report back!
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