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Originally Posted by Beeb View Post
This was a slogan from Checkers Fast Food Restaurant when my son was working there and I want you all to remember this!

YOU GOTTA EAT!! YES, you need to eat up to or close to those UD calories! I know for most of us it seems like SO many calories to eat and so much more food than we are use to, but if you don't eat up to those calories I guarantee that you will be more hungry on tomorrow's DD than you wanna be! (Been here, done this, no fun! )

The UD calories REALLY help and I know it's hard to do in the beginning because most of us are so conditioned to "not eat this or that or don't eat too much". As far as JUDDD goes, eating less on the UDs is NOT a good idea. It's the science of calorie restriction that makes this plan work so well, and the Up and Down calories, every other day, keeps our metabolism UP and our bodies guessing!

This is what we want. There needs to be a calorie spread between those days that will accomplish this and that is how JUDDD is set up. Do the plan as suggested, it really is "magic" when done as Dr. Johnson figured out!

I'm bumping this for the newbies and for a reminder to the rest of us! JUDDD is a SCIENCE and it REALLY needs to be followed as such. It works because we eat lots of food on one day and then don't on the following day.

Tweaking, lowering or not eating close up to your calorie ceiling on your UDs is NOT a good idea, and will NOT make things go faster, better, or help you to lose more. In this case LESS IS NOT BETTER! In fact it will probably stop JUDDD from working it's "magic"! Either is eating over your DD calories time and time again. We really need to stay at or just below those calories ceiling for this plan to work!

Do the plan as suggested and intended and I promise the "magic" will appear!
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