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Originally Posted by sophiethecat View Post
Yes, get in those UD calories or as close as you can.

What are Up Days (UD) and Down Days (DD)?

On an UD, you can eat as much as you like. Truly! Itís best if you aim for what the JUDDD calculator gives you for your recommended caloric intake, but itís fine to go over. Whatís most important is that you do NOT GO UNDER on your up days, as this will inhibit weight loss by putting your metabolism into starvation mode. Itís better to go over than under, certainly. However, you shouldnít go crazy and stuff yourself Ė eat whenever youíre hungry until you are full, but donít binge unnecessarily.

And this was said too:

Why I am not losing weight?

There are several possibilities. Are you not eating enough calories on your UDs? Undershooting your UD caloric intake is the most common reason people fail to lose.

And of course it stresses staying at the DD limit you need too.


I really needed this. On my first UD I am so tempted to keep calories and carbs low.
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