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Thanks Pat and Sophie!

I'm still not sure how much to eat, on days that I exercise a lot. For instance, Saturday, my UD, I had two hours of martial arts, which according to ************, burns 1125 cals. I ate 1658 cals, this was even trying to eat pizza and potato wedges with cheddar cheese in preparation for Sunday's hike.

Then on Sunday, I was on the moutain for over 12 hours, but i conservatively put in that i hiked uphill while carrying load, for only 6 hours (didn't count the rest periods and downhill hours). That burned 2801 cals, and I ate 2723 cals that day.

So with these activities, am I sabotaging my progress?

Just a side note, everytime we come off the mountains, DH loses weight. I don't. Grrr.... But at least I've noticed that I'm lose 1/4 of an inch in my waist after big hikes like that.
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