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Originally Posted by Casey View Post
I tried JUDDD and carb cycling and it initiated an unusual binge cycle - very out of control and anxious. Too many carbs one day and too few calories the next. I no low carb / clean eating to keep blood sugar stabilized.
Casey....sorry you had the problems with JUDD and the carb cycling. I know I've heard that JUDD can do that. While Chris Powell doesn't believe in counting carbs or give recommended carb levels in his program (just goes by portion sizes and complex carbs) I have been keeping track on Daily Plate. So far my HC days have been around 200 and LC around 100 and calorie recommendations are 1500 for HC and 1200 for not the huge fluctuations like JUDD.

Our bodies are all so different, I think we have to find the plan that works for us. I'm glad you've found one that works for you. I'm still experimenting!
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