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Originally Posted by Beeb View Post
At the end of the day and the bottom line, (to me) as in all diets/WOE changes it's about portion size and calories after all.

I may try my own version of this after I get the binge monster under control again. I can see me eating a small higher carb breakfast (because that has ALWAYS kept me full longer instead of fat and protein), and then another meal that is higher carb, either lunch or dinner but keep with all snacks as fruits, and most of these higher carb meals as veggies.

This^^^ is how I lost weight on South Beach and did very well but never embraced it as a life style change and THAT, to me, is the KEY to keeping the weight off!
I think the key is to find a WOE that does work as a lifestyle for you. I think we're all different in that aspect. I know for myself, I don't deal well with deprivation....could never (and have never) do Atkins. WW has worked for me at times but never made it to goal....too many choices for my points and I can get led astray easily!! Tried JUDD a few times but can't handle 500 cal DD's.

Carb cycling makes sense to me and I'm hoping it's the answer. Will give it a try for a month and see what happens. The key for me is not to throw in the towel and declare myself a "failure" if I have a little set back. Have sabotaged myself for years doing that and time is running out!!

Good luck with whatever WOE you choose, Linda!
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