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Well, hello ladies!

So happy to see some interest here. Today I am beginning my first day..kinda off to a sketchy start ... I didn't wake up when I'd planned, for whatever reason I just could not get up! Kinda running behind the 8-ball already, and now I'm irritated by it all. I'm definitely NOT giving up already, that's for sure, just admitting that my start is not how it should've been. Oooopss!!

I posted this in my journal when I was beginning his book.. this is from his new book, Choose More, Lose More For Life. This is a glimpse of how the days are set up and what you'll be eating.

The book offers alot of "thinking points" took me about a week to get through the book because I stopped and wrote down answers to the things he was asking, really trying to be honest and true as to WHY I want this..figuring that by taking the time to go through everything that is offered in the book instead of breezing through it & ignoring important talking points, may make a difference in my success.

"Belief gives you the power to achieve the extraordinary" ~Chris Powell
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