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WOE: Eating healthy, eating LC, and portion control
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My Reply To My Binging Question and This WOE....

I wrote an email asking about whether this could be another WOE that will set me up for binging and here is my answer, rather quickly too! I'm impressed with the speedy reply I got! Here is the email:

Hi Linda,

Thanks for taking the time to write to Chris. With his busy schedule he has had to add a support team to help answer some of his email. With that said, I do hope I can help share some of the hope and motivation he has for you.

Although Chris' plan is set up to help you control your emotional eating by allowing reward days or meals there is no guarantee that you will not binge. One great way to start is to use the easy cycle to allow you those cheat meals more often and stave off emotional eating or binge. You might also want to check into a support group in your area. Overeaters Anonymous is a great option and has groups that meet all over.
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