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Originally Posted by gharkness View Post
Haha! That's funny. Hubby and I both have Evernote, and he likes to feel useful - AND he likes food as much as I do, so keeping him away from the grocery store ain't happening (he wants to be sure he gets his 2-cents worth in). Soooo, I let him do all the searching and finding of recipes, and other computer stuff while we are in the store. Makes him feel useful and keeps him outta my hair! He is the Keeper of the List.
I wonder if it's too late for me to retrain my hubby? Okay, not sure I want to because I get to do most of the cooking and he does most of the clean-up. Not sure how that happened but I have no complaints.

Keeper of the List is brilliant. If I had kids/spouse that wanted to participate more/too much, I'd be all over it.
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