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guess this is a little old-fashioned, but I copy and paste them into a word document along with the url where I found it, and any tips and tweaks others have suggested. I add my own notes to the bottom of the recipe, and most of the time, I format and rewrite the recipe to make it easy for me to follow.

No longer do I print out the recipes, though, just use them on my laptop right on the kitchen counter--much easier than printing and trying to use as paper copies!

I have lots of folders and sub-folders (e.g., desserts>cakes>pudding cakes, layer cakes, mini cakes, etc.) so that I can find things easily and quickly. I also star * recipes in each category that I have tried and really liked, so I can go right to the particular recipe that I like best, rather than have to look at all things labeled "biscuit", for example, to remember which one I liked.

I back it all up on a flash drive and on a spare hard drive. Need to get up to speed using the cloud, now, for storing and backing up things!
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