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Originally Posted by Dottie View Post
Is it Mardi Gras time already? lol
haha yes it is!

Originally Posted by zipp2play View Post
I have never had a King Cake, but I have seen them! Have fun!!! Mardi Gras time again! One of these years DH and I will be in New Orleans for it! Just to say we have !!!!
Aw, I grew up in Mobile, AL but never made it to NOLA for festivities because Mobile has its own. Actually, many Mobilians claim Mardi Gras originated in Mobile, not New Orleans... it's quite a controversial topic that I like to stay out of.

Originally Posted by KeirasMom View Post
New Orleans is one of my favorite cities, to the point that I contemplated moving there years ago (before Katrina), BUT you could not PAY me to go there during Mardi Gras!!
haha yeah it's crazy, i hear!

Originally Posted by sorenkkg View Post
yep, I've seen them but not had them (king cakes)... I've worked in NO before Katrina, but haven't seen it since. Was in Baton Rouge a few months after IIRC... Actually, DH and I are thinking of doing an Austin/New Orleans trip this year. Just trying to figure out the best time of year to go (read: not too hot).
oh, nice! i would love to live in NOLA.

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