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yep, I've seen them but not had them (king cakes)... I've worked in NO before Katrina, but haven't seen it since. Was in Baton Rouge a few months after IIRC... Actually, DH and I are thinking of doing an Austin/New Orleans trip this year. Just trying to figure out the best time of year to go (read: not too hot).

B: measured 2c of cereal, 1c of almond milk

L: going with work people. One of my most disliked people on my (generally awesome) team, loves this steak chain. At least they have nutrition info.
Explain how a SALAD has more calories than a STEAD
So the plan is:
Mixed green salad (the lowest cal one, seems ok)
8oz sirloin
veggies side

D: I've got a pork shoulder in the crockpot, will make pulled pork tonight.

12oz (?) pulled pork shoulder
4T of bbq sauce
2 LC tortillas
1/2c coleslaw
1033 cal thus far

I still have about 200 cal for chocolate
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