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Originally Posted by Aomiel View Post
Yes. I had numbness and tingling in my toes for about a year (just on one foot), but thought it was due to a neuroma in my foot. Within a month of doing Bernstein, the tingling lessened. It took many more months for it to reverse completely.

Whether or not it reverses will have to do with how long this has been going on (how much damage has been done) and how well you control your diabetes long term. Fortunately, it's one of the neuropathies that can be reversed because the nerves can grow back.
I have seen the name Bernstein several times here. What made you go over to his side? - I have purchased a few diabetic books and was never pleased with their recipes or ideas. I am willing to read his work if others say his plan is worth checking out. Is he low carb? I do low carb and believe it is very important.
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