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Originally Posted by Ronnie51 View Post
Wow, interesting stuff. I'm not experimenting but I had been eating low carb because of a prediabetic A1c. Unfortunately, eating low carb did nothing to lower my A1c so my doctor prescribed Metformin as a preventative. But I digress. My doctor told me that I'm not diabetic and that I should relax my diet with the carbs so I did. To my surprise, my subsequent blood tests showed lower LDL and lower A1c. I didn't specifically make any changes to my fat intake. Like Leo, I also have high HDL (98) and low Trigs (around 90), but that is with a statin. Not sure what my numbers are without a statin as I've been on it for 15 years. Leo, what carbs did you add? Did you enjoy eating them again?
Results may vary across the board for each individual. I think being open to self-experimentation is key. Many people assume low carb will fix everything, but it's just not that simple! Thank you for sharing your own experience.

One point to mention is that statins can lower CoQ10 levels in the body. CoQ10 is really important for heart health so you definitely want to correct low levels with a supplement if you aren't already.

Here's a research article on statins and CoQ10 is you want to read more:
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