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When a person takes Rx (as I do for my thyroid and Ronnie does for other issues), the doctor must make sure that the Rx is working properly and that the person remains healthy. That's a professional responsibility that I respect. And that's why I have regular labs. I take supplemental thyroid hormones (Rx) because without them, I'd be dead--and I will need them for life.

Quite frankly, at age 76, I like the fact that I have regular labs because there are illnesses that present no symptoms but show early in lab work. It's nice to catch things early OR (as I've been fortunate) to know that I remain healthy. My thyroid hormones are technically not 'meds,' and at my age taking NO other Rx is significant. Like you, I don't believe in taking anything unless it's necessary for my health, and my doctors all agree with that.

My doctors do not 'hound' me about cholesterol numbers; but they do remind me that a lower LDL is preferable--although because my HDL is so high, it's not a pressing issue.

The real villains are not physicians but some health insurance companies that 'demand' certain lab values. That's one of the reasons Dave Feldman experimented with protocols that can lower cholesterol numbers for those whose insurance might be jeopardized.
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