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Originally Posted by NYCPhT View Post
Thank you ladies!!! I am really proud myself and what I achieved in such a short space of time but my happiness is tempered because I don't know what's going on with my body & wether or not it's serious or something simple. I see my GYN 9/16 and I'll request bloodwork AND a transvaginal ultrasound for my own piece of mind and I guess take it from there...

As for my GYN I'm not sure what his reaction will be to my HFLC diet but hopefully I can sell him on it. I won't mention NK, I'll just tell him I'm following Atkins because that's usually easier for people digest. I just saw him for an annual checkup in mid July. He actually scolded me like child about my weight gain and told me to do something about it so I did. If he asked me to stop dieting I would do it IF AND ONLY IF he could prove to me that it was causing me harm (messing with my endocrine system, etc.).

Wish me luck
Hi NYCPhT! Your situation sounds very similar to mine a few years ago. I was at the highest weight I'd ever been, and my cycle, which had previously been like clockwork for years, started getting messed up, with long pauses between menstruation. My doc was for low carb if I that was what I wanted, she just wanted me working on weight loss. I had very similar results to you, though my introduction to LC was the Coconut Diet (not as LC as Atkins or NK though). I also had used acupuncture and herbs for other issues previously, and embarked on a regimen prescribed by my acupunturist and approved by my doc. Doc thought because my blood sugar was up also that I might have PCOS, I had the vaginal ultrasound to look for cyst and none were found. She did not diagnose me, but said you can still have PCOS and not have cysts.
Anyway, after 3-4 months my cycle started shortening, to about 32 days (down from 38-50 days, my normal was always 28). And then....
I got pregnant with DS (unexpected, but welcomed).

I was on and IUD after DS was born (for reasons too long to get into here) and had it out after almost 2 years because I felt it was affecting me badly, and a lot of my symptoms did go away after I had it out. Now that I have my cycle back it is regular, which I attribute to LC, 30 days.
Well, that's my story - just thought I would share.
Don't let your doc bully you into changing your diet if it works for you. He doesn't have to live in your body!
Hope it gets sorted out for you.Cheers!
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