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Thanks for the encouragement

Thank you ladies!!! I am really proud myself and what I achieved in such a short space of time but my happiness is tempered because I don't know what's going on with my body & wether or not it's serious or something simple. I see my GYN 9/16 and I'll request bloodwork AND a transvaginal ultrasound for my own piece of mind and I guess take it from there...

As for my GYN I'm not sure what his reaction will be to my HFLC diet but hopefully I can sell him on it. I won't mention NK, I'll just tell him I'm following Atkins because that's usually easier for people digest. I just saw him for an annual checkup in mid July. He actually scolded me like child about my weight gain and told me to do something about it so I did. If he asked me to stop dieting I would do it IF AND ONLY IF he could prove to me that it was causing me harm (messing with my endocrine system, etc.).

Wish me luck
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