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Here I am, Ladies. My self-and-BCC-imposed ban on emoticons prevents me from blushing on screen, but I am.

Just reading along and doing my thing. Been very busy at work with trial prep. I did a 48-hour carb-up/refeed over the weekend. Weighed in at 190 on Friday evening, 196 yesterday morning. Weighed in at 195 this morning and officially retired a pair of my 34 suit pants and strapped on the 32's. I'm pretty sure this is the closest I've been to 200 at a 32" waist, and I'm still filling out a 44 jacket, so I definitely think things are going in the right direction in terms of fat loss and muscle retention. Training is chugging along without much worth writing home about. Glycogen depletion is taking its toll and I'm considering a transition to my version of the "No 'S' Diet" soon.

Looks like everyone is doing well with diet and training - trying to figure it all out. Lots of good posts from Rachel (may need to become "CarbCyclingRachel").

Jami, sincere condolences on the loss of your grandmother.

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