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Hi Jami,

No, I don't track my food. My trainer gives me a meal plan every week, and I shop from the list (or lists, this week) that he gives me. The custom nutrition and custom workouts are expensive but it's been good for me to have someone to check in with each week. I need personal accountability with a real live person.

My pages are still in my car, but next time I go out, I will grab them.

When I did BFL, I never tracked anything. I used their palm/fist method. A piece of protein about the size of your palm. A serving of carbs about the size of your fist. Stuff like chicken breast and brown rice worked well for me. And protein shakes. I don't think I ever added any extra fat to my meals. I would also think of it as 20g of protein/20g of carb per meal. That was another fast way to calculate that still has some structure to it.

Goal #1-Stay on plan.
Goal #2-Meditate 5 minutes a day.

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