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Originally Posted by LowCarbRachel View Post
Hi Jami,

I haven't had my high carb day yet (as part of this carb cycling.) My trainer just started me in carb cycling. However, I have been eating carbs the whole time I've been on his program.

My first high carb day is tomorrow. My carbs will come from grapefruit (2), an orange (1), Lara bar, whole grain tortillas (one at breakfast, one at lunch), whole grain crackers, brown rice, and yogurt. It will be a low fat day. It's a lot of notebook is in my car, or I'd tell you exactly how many. I am intensely curious as to what will happen with my, how will my Tuesday workout be? What will my Wednesday weight be? How quickly will I drop the carb water weight?

I do three low carb days on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and then another high carb day next Saturday.

I meet with my trainer on Thursday, so he will be able to make any needed adjustments.

I will let you know how it goes!

Rachel. Good luck with your high day! I was trying to do low fat yesterday, as BLF says to do, LOL I checked and my total fat wa 92 grams! YIKES! LOL
Do you log your foods into a website? You'll have to let me know what your percentages were if you dont mind. I am so lost when it comes to getting my own plans. I HAVE to have structures.
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