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I've had moderate to a little moreso than moderate nausea for two-three days now. This morning I gagged a little bit while brushing my teeth.It's lasted all day long and is still bothering me. If it hadn't bothered me before today I'd think it was DD related, but it must not be. I even did a pregnancy test, lol, which was negative. The only thing I've eaten that is different from usual is 2 prunes at night, twice now. None today. I doubt that is it. I don't think I have a virus, but maybe that is it. Seems like it would be worse if it were viral, as in vomiting and not just nausea...although that might happen. Any clue? A little worried, but not enough to go (back) to the doctor after having been just week before last (with the flu). My insurance doesn't kick in until I've met deductible and I haven't. I've been googling all night, but really can't figure it out.

ETA: My appetite is normal...I've had trouble with acid reflux in the past but have not needed to take pepsid AC (which is what I used successfully for years) for many months now. I never had nausea with the a.r. before though. I have noticed a bit of the reflux symptoms lately, possibly from the (huge) reintroduction of carbs/sugar. Is it possible that maybe the nausea is acid reflux? I'm afraid I'm going to have to take the pink stuff because I am getting worse as the night goes on...really hate taking it as it will complicate the "other" problem.

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