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Originally Posted by PhotoGirlTX View Post
Thanks for the link KelAly! Good explanation of how it works. I like what they said from the article: "Even though we eat many calories during these "cheating" episodes, our metabolism burns them off much faster than it would have done otherwise. This higher metabolism also helps us to maintain our weight loss and keep our muscle tissue intact, giving us a firmer and leaner look." That's good news!! Thanks again
I was on a plan called the Hilton Head Metabolism Diet back in the late 80's.
You followed the meal plan about 1000 calories/day 3 meals a day plus a snack, no added salt (of course I cheated that a bit). Light exercise 20 minutes twice a day (I walked or danced).

Two weeks on 1000/calorie a day.
One week you upped the calories daily.
Then repeat.

I lost about 80lbs in 7months weighed myself daily and lost every stalls.

Of course on the up week you lost less but you still lost.

I hated that diet it was hell for me. But the up and down metabolism thing kept me losing.

I just can't remember how many calories more per week I upped it. It wasn't too many more per day, but X7 days it added up.

You know I just got rid of that book about 2 years ago, I never thought I would need to reference that book again.

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