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Thanks Dee, how long did it take for you to feel the benefits of keeping your blood sugar under control? My DH still feels exhausted most of the time and he feels 'pressure' in his eyes. Sometimes he has pain behind his eyes, I suppose similar to migraine pain.

The only high carb foods he has been eating are apples, brown rice, oranges, pears, and we dont know how this affects his blood sugar because as yet he hasnt got a monitor. He usually only has one piece of fruit each day. Most days he does not have potatoes or pasta with meals, just protein such as chicken with low carb vegetables. Maybe twice per week we have brown rice with a meal. He says that he never feels hungry and even before going on Atkin's plan he didnt feel hungry either. I always feel hungry, this morning I could hardly wait for my breakfast to cook and now before I go to bed I will have to eat something otherwise I will not get to sleep.
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