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Hello Dee,
I was still on the old thread but i found this one, I have been doing ok with my Numbers. This is all so new to me. I think i will have to go to a diettion to talk about my Number to see if they are where they should be..
I also have high bloodpresure. iam not sure if they go hand and hand. Iam trying to lose weight and excersice. in one week iam down 19 lbs.Iam feeling stronger.
I have a under active thyroid and have had it for years and I did something stupid .wich no one should ever do. I went off my meds with out my Drs knowing. I paid the price for that.. man was I sick. but iam back on track. I went to boarders and picked up a book on diebites. so it helps..Its great to talk with others.
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