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Diabetics Progress Reports

Katie on the "Diabetes?" thread suggested starting a separate thread for diabetics to post their progess, problems, suggestions, etc. I recall when I first started reading this forum that their were regular diabetic threads. Seemed like a new one started each week. Does anyone know if I am just imagining that? Wonder what happened that those are no longer on here.

I am currently doing very well controlling my diabetes with the basic Atkins WOE with a few tweaks due to some food sensitivities. I have had an A1c in the low 5's for the last couple years, and find my daily meter levels in the 90's mostly. Rarely up to 110, and sometimes as low as 70. I have a dilated eye exam every August, and so far no changes or problems there. I don't have any "complications" yet, and am planning to avoid them to the greatest extent possible. I was on Metformin for several years, then over the past few years had my dosage decreased, and then totally eliminated this past July. My diabetes is my rock solid motivation for staying on plan all the time. I even consider my diabetes to be a blessing in disguise.

My biggest health concern currently is trying to get my thyroid levels where they need to be. I have Hashimoto's, and for years it was pretty stable, but starting last march my TSH started rising, and my hypo symptoms starting increasing, as well as my weight. I am sort of "doctor shopping" at the moment, looking for someone I trust, that knows the score about thyroid. So you may see me sometimes on the thyroid threads.

There are newly diagnosed diabetics regularly coming to the board looking for info and support. I will gladly share the bit that I know, but it is based on my personal and limited experience. I invite others to join me in creating a thread to offer that welcome and support.
Best wishes,
-dee k.
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