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Thank you both for the great advice!!
Carolyn, is fit day one of the tools on the LCF site?
Ilsita, I never though about the supplements for Menopause. I went into menopause early to do a histerectome.

My typical day during the week I under eat. I think what is hurting me is the weekends and being used to eating as much as I want on atkins.

Today I had
B 2 teaspoons of Coconut oil and coffee.

L 2 more teaspoons of Coconut oil , a cheese stick and water with lemon.

D I had a serving of pork rines with 2 tlbs of sour cream.
1 lg smoked sausage link with mustard and cheese and 1 can of asparagus.

The online tool says I need to have 2500 calories a day to lose a pound a week. Put I think most days come close to cutting that in half.

I really do enjoy not having the sugar cravings any more. But when I see people eat sugary sweets I do think must be nice!!
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