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Originally Posted by BikerAng View Post
I baked Jennifer's recipe with almond meal (w/o sweetener) and they turned out great! I put the dough on parchment paper, rolled it flat (with saran wrap on top because the dough/batter is very sticky) until it looked like a big cracker. Baked at 350* until crispy. It took about 20 mins or so and the edges cooked faster than the middle (the middle actually reminded me of flat bread a little bit because I got impatient and didn't cook it until the middle was totally crunchy - very yummy!). These are so filling, I could only eat maybe a 1/3 of the recipe as a meal (with dip, cheese, veggies).

Next time I'll add a bit of salt to the recipe because they are a tad bland (but WAY better than WASA crackers), but other than that they turned out great. Very easy recipe, DH said it was a keeper - he kept eating these instead of his "normal" crackers.
Sounds like you made almond crackers here, Ang. Glad it came out good! Are you fiber sensitive? If not, why didn't you make the original recipe like Soobee and I did? I understand the issue with no microwave for you, but I would love to know if the original recipe does well in the oven.

Just curious.
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