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Haha Vicki, you are right - Wasa, etc. to me also taste a bit like carboard. This is much better tasting.

Yes, I agree completely - leave out the Splenda. I think the sweetness went a bit better with Beeb's exact recipe because that's a lot of cardboardy ingredients - actually it tastes much better than those commercial crispbreads too which is amazing. I just find the fiber is a bit much for my system to have every day. At the moment I'd like this every day.

Now that the novelty has worn off slightly I can have half the 8 inch square for breakfast and be happy - of course, add in the cheese and butter and peanut butter, but other than that....

I know, Beeb, I wish ground almonds were not so calorific. That's perhaps why this is so filling and I find it to be quite dieting as a result.

If one lives in a humid climate, leftover crispbread can be nuked again for 50 seconds to a minute and it will be crisp as can be again.

P.S. Wheat bran can replaced with oat bran if one is allergic to wheat.
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