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Originally Posted by vli1127 View Post
I made this tonight for supper and tweaked a bit. I was serving an Italian meat and veggie dish, so, I added 1 TBSP Parmesan Cheese, a few shakes of salt and garlic powder. Man was that good! However, the original recipe calls for the pkt of Splenda, I used stevia, regardless, it was a bit too sweet for my taste and adding the savory spices made a bit odd in flavor. But, not too bad. Next time I want savory I will leave out the AS. I only ate half of it too. And, half of that I melted some mozzarella cheese on the cracker.

Oh, when spreading it out onto the dinner plate, I didn't use a fork, I used a piece of wax paper and patted it down with my hands. I ended up with about an 8-10" circle. The wax paper did not stick, but you could spray it with nonstick spray too.

Now, I think the possibilities are endless here too. This could be made into "cookies".

I can see a Snickerdoodle some how, rolled in AS and Cinnamon; peanut butter cookies made with either real peanut butter or PB2, and chocolate by adding cocoa. Maybe graham somehow, or ginger snaps?
I love your train of thought here!! OH, now you got me thinking again!

BTW, the original recipe by Soobee and then tweaked by me calls for SF DeVinci Syrup, not a packet of Splenda. The syrup was to add moisture to make the ingredients the right consistency to make this cracker, plus give it a slight sweet taste like a Wasa Cracker. Leaving the sweetener, whether it be SF syrup and adding water or leaving out the packet of Splenda if using Jennifer's tweaked recipe and just adding water will do the same thing to make the dry ingredients what you need for the right consistency. Then you can add all the spice you would like without that sweet taste getting in the way!
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