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I made this tonight for supper and tweaked a bit. I was serving an Italian meat and veggie dish, so, I added 1 TBSP Parmesan Cheese, a few shakes of salt and garlic powder. Man was that good! However, the original recipe calls for the pkt of Splenda, I used stevia, regardless, it was a bit too sweet for my taste and adding the savory spices made a bit odd in flavor. But, not too bad. Next time I want savory I will leave out the AS. I only ate half of it too. And, half of that I melted some mozzarella cheese on the cracker.

Oh, when spreading it out onto the dinner plate, I didn't use a fork, I used a piece of wax paper and patted it down with my hands. I ended up with about an 8-10" circle. The wax paper did not stick, but you could spray it with nonstick spray too.

Now, I think the possibilities are endless here too. This could be made into "cookies".

I can see a Snickerdoodle some how, rolled in AS and Cinnamon; peanut butter cookies made with either real peanut butter or PB2, and chocolate by adding cocoa. Maybe graham somehow, or ginger snaps?
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