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My pedometer is programmable with weight/stride and because that is in there, it is accurate. I can have it in the pocket of my walking shorts/jeans/skirt/dress and it tallies the steps. (I can also put it in my bra and it still tallies the steps-I know TMI!) It does know if it is a "fake" step and will not record it. It also records the number of aerobic steps...10 minutes of continuous walking and it will start recording aerobic steps.

It also calculates calories burned and miles walked. It has a 7 day memory..and a newer version has a computer upload feature as well. I have it with me all day every day. I started with walking just a mile. Nowadays, I am walking 4-6 miles a day with up to 10-13 miles a day on my days off. Walking is a great way to exercise. You can speed it up and power walk, you can race walk, you can walk briskly with a cool down slower walk at the end of your time walking each day. I love it!
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