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Originally Posted by beachfires View Post
while you may be tired of pork rinds...try emptying your bag of pork rinds into a gallon ziploc bag, sprinkle nacho cheese seasoning (from Walmart) and some Chili powder into the bag...shake and ENJOY....chili cheese pork rinds. I also use plain nacho cheese, white cheddar and's a way to enjoy the basically GUILT FREE/CARB FREE pork rind and not get tired of them )
Believe it or not, this is also good with Splenda and cinnamon, mixed together, and shaken with plain pork rinds! Start out with some mildly-flavored ones though, some of the plain ones are pretty porky.

The first time I did this DH said, "That is just WRONG on so many levels!" and he wouldn't try it. The next time he decided to TASTE ONE.

The rest is history.
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