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Like several years back when I tried to a diabetic nursing student about digestive problems... In the most cheery voice imaginable, so happy she could solve my problem, she said, "Well, you just have to eat more fibers... you know? Breads, cereals, fruits..."

I smiled and said that I do eat all those things, but only a tiny, tiny bit. Since actually they're sugars and well, as a diabetic, I can't process them.

Blink, blink.

Actually, I use that line these days when ppl wonder why I'm eating low carb. First I say I'm diabetic and if that's not enough I say, "Well, that's basically the definition of a diabetic: someone who just can't process carbs. You wouldn't believe what numbers I get if I eat just a banana-- not worth it!"

Most people just don't know that carbs are not a required "staple." They've been drilled otherwise for so long. They've also been drilled that people who eat LC are under-educated and over-vain, completely obsessed with being skinny so they're trying out the latest fad diet!

I agree with RavenRose, though. Pick your battles!
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