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Originally Posted by Tamra View Post
Hi there, my name is Tam and I am new to JUDDD and I think it's a wonderful woe!! I came off P2 of Hcg 11 days ago and have used JUDDD to maintain cuz I hate P3 of HCG, lol. I think this is a lifetime maintenance plan Although I do want to do the 2 week induction and continue fat loss if possible...

My problem is I did the UD DD thing perfect for the first week then on day 8 had a MD (of 700cals) then D9 was an UD then D10 I made homemade beef jerky and couldn't stop "tasting" lol which once the math was done turned into a 1,300 cal/50 carb MD day(is it still a MD day if my reg number is 1,800?).

So my question is what to do today to get back on track. I've kinda gone MD UP MD and I know it is not a good idea to do a DD after a MD but I am wondering if I should due to yesterdays higher number? I really want to activate the SIRT gene and I think I may be undoing the induction? It will screw up my planning for the next couple weeks to do a DD as all social events have been planned for an UD, but for the greater good I will. Not sure what to do in this situation, I have read a lot on here but not Dr Johnsons book I admit!

Any advice would be great, I am going to wait the 18 hrs before eating so that gives me 5 hours to gleam some advice from you wonderful people!!
Thank you in advance!!
Hi Tamra I'm was definitely excited to see that someone is doing JUDDD immediately following P2. I'm currently in P2 and hope to transition to JUDDD as maintenance in about a week. I've heard negative things about doing it so other than the past few days that you were talking about.. have you found that you've maintained ok otherwise on JUDDD?

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