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Magnesium supplements -- maybe a TMI topic

Hi everyone,

I'm relatively new (but not new, I have done low carb successfully in the past) to low carb, and I've been in Ketosis for almost 2 weeks now. Weight loss has been slow, but I am seeing results now.

I wanted to share -- in a broader topic -- a tip I received from another member. Those of you who have been around for a while probably know this, but people who are newer, like I was, may not -- and it turned out to be such valuable advice that I just feel like I need to share.

After about a week of low-carb, I realized I had not gone to the bathroom (#2) in days. I have always been very regular -- like 2 or even 3 times a day some days. I was getting a bit distressed because my stomach hurt very bad and I just could not go. I became obsessed about it. I would wake up at night so uncomfortable, and nothing would happen. Often, I would try even when the urge just wasn't present. I tried coffee (always has worked in the past), sugar free candy (again, works, but is uncomfortable d/t stomach cramps) and also mass consumption of water. Nothing worked. Finally, I mentioned it in the Century Club, and someone suggested I try Magnesium suppliements. I bought some, and within a few hours of taking one, I had success. It also worked for my oldest daughter, who suffers from chronic constipation to start with, but who was struggling in low carb even more.

I have been regular since. Thank God, and also thanks to the very inspiring member (sorry, I forgot who it was) that shared this tip.

To newbies, or those struggling with a similar issue -- I bought magnesium supplements (250 mg) at Walmart for just a few $ --- I think like $4. There are 100 tabs in a bottle, and you are supposed to take one a day with meals. I believe it is worth every penny.

I hope that this helps someone else the same as it helped me .

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