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Callanetics countdown

I would love to join the check in I purchased the new Callanetics countdown and completed day 2 today

About me was skinny fat for years was a waitress and a hairdresser with great metabolism but never worked out.... ten years ago at 42 thyroid went out I gained 70 lbs over this ten years and have yo yo'd it off and on....

Ten years ago I started Callanetics had all the books and older tapes and DVD then went to bar method and pure barre and lotte berk and ballet beautiful and some Pilates but was never super consistent in anything just looking for the next miracle routine the older Callanetics workouts were my favorites as far as the exercises and I felt so good after doing them however I just could not get past them being so dated and I am 52 I never clicked with the evolutions either.. but when I saw the new dvds I got very excited this is what I needed so rather than have too many choices get overwhelmed about which one to do etc I want to just have this new one for now I really enjoy the scenery and instructor the advanced does not have open and close but looks amazing I need to rebuy book again that has super Callanetics routine I did so enjoy Callanetics books

I have been reading the whole string of thread and there was so one a few years back doing ballet beautiful and Callanetics I am curious if they are still doing that and if the results were same or better or worse than just using Callanetics?

I am so glad I did this and read the books so many years ago as my muscles knew what to do and pelvis knew how to tuck before I wanted to workout to look good. Ow with arthritis setting in and all the extra weight I want to workout to feel good I am going to start a low carb eating plan as well and need to read all those boards

Sorry for the long introduction but really I plan to do the 30 in 30 days and a bit of treadmill and control eating while researching eating plan best for me and I hope after 6 weeks of Callanetics to get in a maintenance of 3 per week and 3 days cardio weekly on treadmill and make it a life habit .. thanks for reading
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