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Okay, I've completed 18 out of the 40 classes I'm aiming for. Hmm, my clothes are looser. A work top I could barely get over my body now fits nicely. I'm concentrating on form, and not pushing myself too hard. For some reason I always have to push myself to the max, so I'm learning gentleness with myself and restraint. Callanetics is teaching me that's it's okay to be where I am, in the moment, and not push so hard. Anyhoo, generally my girth has gone down although I'm experiencing some kind of lower stomach pooch. My decollete, shoulders, breasts, and back seem to be pulling in but that pooch, it's different. I think I remember reading in one of the books that this sometimes happens but consistency is key to even out. It's challenging to me to take rest days. Haha, I enjoy it so much that I'd like to do it every day. I'm remembering that rest is important to heal. If I do it too many days in a row I start to feel run down. Anyway, I've started meditation as well which I'm enjoying immensely. All in all, I feel even more grounded than I usually am.

Hope all is well,

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