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Originally Posted by Lina View Post
JB, I'm looking at the book now and it lists Stretches #1 and #2 as straddle and then to each side (the two stretches after seated pretzel in the 10/10 video. Also she has an entire chapter just about the back (Take Care of the Back) which has slight variations of most of the moves.

I'm continuing and enjoying it. Couldn't quite connect with Evolution as I had hoped but I sometimes add the circular pulsing into the moves just to vary them.
Oh, thanks Lina! It took a moment for me to figure out what the "pretzel" was, but I got. Ha ha!

Evolution has some really great stuff, but yes, we need to feel the connection too. I know many in previous threads much preferred Evo and the approach taken; others were 10/10 diehards.
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